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Sokkelo – Theatre Society for the Blind

Sokkelo is a pioneering theatre company for the visually impaired, established in 2006. Sokkelo consists mostly of the visually impaired members of the theatre society. Using various means of theatre, our main goal is to advance the quality of life for visually impaired individualsas, as well as to bring down the barriers between different people in the society. We have also otherwise contributed to advancing accessible culture, both in Finland, and through international activity.

Even though our productions are not fundamentally different from those in the regular theatres, the background of the actors creates a uniquely rich experience, even for audiences that believe they have already seen everything in the field of theatre.

The majority of the productions have been directed by Erkki Aura, and since 2015 by Santtu Salminen, ranging from epic operas to modern experimental plays. The members of the theatre society and various actor groups formed by them, have a diversity of age, disabilities and skills, with each individual discovering their own hidden talents through theatre.

During its history, Sokkelo has toured around finland from the Southern cities all the way to remote Northern stages. In addition, Sokkelo has been regularly performing as part of the OFF section of Tampere Theatre Festival, which is the largest theatre event in Finland.

In addition to all this, we have been the only theatre company in Finland with visually impaired themselves producing the plays by directing, acting, building the stage and advertising.

Sokkelo – Theatre Society for the Blind 2016